Flex Lewis joint BSN!

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 18, 2014. BSN announced that two-time Mr. Olympia 212 Champion Flex Lewis has joined their diverse team of distinguished athletes. Flex actually acquired his distinctive nickname because of the flexibility he exhibited in avoiding rugby tackles. He began serious weight training at age 15 initially focused on power lifting to improve his performance on the pitch. A local bodybuilder suggested that his physique was impressive enough to take the stage, and Flex entered and won the Junior Mr. Wales trophy one year later.


At that event, the Welsh Dragon met IFBB Pro Neil Hill who convinced him to adopt his diet and training program. Flex won the Junior Mr. Britain title four weeks later. “Flex Lewis personifies BSN’s FINISH FIRST™ commitment with an impressive resume of wins that includes the biggest prize in his IFBB Pro Class two years consecutively,” said BSN Senior Brand Manager Eric Hart. “We look forward to his first competition as a Team BSN athlete at the Arnold Classic on February 28th.”

BSN was founded in 2001 by visionary entrepreneurs who developed scientifically engineered sports nutrition products to fuel personal best performance. As part of Glanbia Performance Nutrition, BSN’s global presence continues to expand to active adults determined to set and attain increasingly more challenging goals.