EXT Sports Official Launch!

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. – EXT Sports announces the launch of a new sports nutrition product line aimed at capturing the hardcore enthusiasts with a different set of foundation-based ingredients appealing to the muscle building audience. Created by BPI Sports, the leading sports nutritional supplement company, EXT Sports looks to follow the same tremendous growth pattern and brand recognition with its sophisticated formulas and sleek packaging.


When it comes to maximizing recovery and accomplishing fitness goals, the common denominator is building muscle or getting lean “NOW”. EXT Sports will enable fitness enthusiast, athletes, and bodybuilders the ability to recognize their goals and amplify their training regimens with a no holds bar line of formulas. EXT Sports is without a doubt, the premier “go to brand” for anyone looking to skip over current product lines with hopes of maximizing their personal goals and results. This line of products is fortified with a select group of “non-commercialized” ingredients providing both retailers and consumers with an entirely new and fresh outlook on sports supplementation.

“We are thrilled to introduce this new sports nutrition line. Our development team works closely with us reviewing hundreds of formulations to ensure the highest quality of our final products,” said James Grage, Vice President of BPI Sports. “Our reputation in the industry allows us to offer active consumers new product lines they can trust to help them perform better, stronger and longer. The partnership we have with our distributors will give the EXT Sports line unparalleled access qualified consumers worldwide.”

The EXT Sports product line consists of GO!™ Performance Pre-Training Powder, STIM10™ CNS Stimulant & Weight Loss, and REAL TEST™ Androgenic Testosterone Booster. With aggressive branding targeting the sports performance audience, EXT Sports is projected to be the premier sports performance brand available today.