Healthy Snacks . . . Simple ideas !

Adam Madison, Cross Fit Athletetoscecretnutrition

Healthy Snacks
I just wanted to share a few healthy snack ideas you can incorporate into your diet to change it up a bit!  These are a few simple ideas that can help you change up your diet and help you stick to making healthy choices.

Greek Delight
1-cup -Any brand of Greek yogurt (optional, plain to keep sugars down)
1 scoop -Quality Whey Protein (Top Secret Nutrition 100% Whey)
1 tablespoon- pure honey (optional)
Just mix and enjoy

Turbo Jell-O
1 box of Jell-O mix
2 scoops Top Secret Nutrition’s BCAA Hyperblend Energy
1 Scoop TSN Vanilla Whey Protein (optional)
Prep: Same prep as normal for Jell-O, just add the Hyperblend, Whey, with the Jell-O powered and add an extra half cup of boiling  water to the mix ONLY if you add the Whey

Chocolate Banana Protein Overdose
1 large banana
TSN Chocolate 100% Whey protein
Prep: Slice up banana into desired chip sized thicknesses, thick/thin doesn’t really matter, all personal preference. Then apply the peanut butter atop each slice. (Keep track of how much peanut butter you’re using if your counting calories).  Then sprinkle TSN chocolate whey atop each chip and enjoy.