How Do I Keep My Pump?

Hey Anthony, how can I make my muscles look pumped all the time and have it so the pump lasts all day after training? Right now, my muscles only look pumped for a few minutes after training.

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When you work out and train a particular body part, the “pump” occurs because blood will be temporarily pumped into that body part. But once you stop working out, the blood will return to normal circulation throughout your entire body and you’ll lose that pumped up tight feeling you had while training. Part of the process of the “pump” comes out of the body’s production of nitric oxide (NO). This is a chemical that signals many processes within the body, including vasodilation (the opening of blood vessels). This causes more blood and nutrient delivery to the muscles, flooding them and causing them to swell. Once the workout is over, your body naturally reduces the NO signaling and eventually the blood vessels return to their normal state. So to answer your question directly, you can’t stay pumped up all day. Everyone loses their pump after training – that’s just the way the body works. However, there are things you can do to enhance the pump and stay bigger for longer periods of time. The MuscleMeds product eNOXIDE is a patented nitric oxide donor super-molecule that significantly enhances the pump while training. This unique product triggers NO mediated vasodilation during training through an increase in blood pressure caused by intense exercise. So when you go all-out in the gym while using eNOXIDE, your pump will be much greater than with any NO precursor because eNOXIDE is real nitric oxide! The more intense your training, the better the pump. Best of all, the NO mediated increase in vasodilation continues for some time after training. That means you’ll stay pumped for hours and your muscle will feel more full. It’s not an all-day pump, but certainly much greater than the effect you’ll get from any other supplement.  – Anthony Marchione, CPT, NASM, APEX