Johnnie Jackson has signed an exclusive contract with MD!

By Steve Blechman
Muscular Development

I am proud to announce that Johnnie Jackson has signed an exclusive contract with MD.

According to Johnnie, “This is a true honor. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of Team MD, the best hardcore bodybuilding magazine and website in the world, with the best athletes and writers in the business!”

Johnnie’s unrelenting hardcore training has made him one of the most popular bodybuilding personalities to hit the professional circuit. In the past he has sometimes been referred to as the “World’s Strongest Bodybuilder.”
In 2012, Johnnie continues to climb his way to the top of the IFBB Pro ranks with his best year ever in his professional career. Johnnie won the 2012 FIBO Power in Germany and 2nd place at the Mr. Europe in Spain and New York Pro.

Johnnie has a thick, massive, and freaky chest, back, and traps and is considered by many as having one of the best upper bodies of all time. Many compare his signature side chest pose to the late Bertil Fox.

Johnnie’s next competition is the 2012 Mr. Olympia. Johnnie’s plan for the Olympia is to transform his legs which have always been a lagging body part, especially compared to his upper body. If Johnnie is successful and improves his legs and adds more mass and size, he will no doubt be a major force and surely up his placing at the Olympia!

Johnnie says, “After the New York Pro I started for the first time to train legs twice a week – one day heavy and the other day high volume. I see significant results already and it’s only been a couple weeks!”

I am proud to have Johnnie as part of our great MD team of bodybuilders, Olympians, and bodybuilding icons.

More about Johnnie Jackson and his contract with MD you can find here:
Johnnie Jackson has signed an exclusive contract with MD!