New analyzes confirm alleged fraud in the proteins ISO 100 and Elite Whey of Dymatize.

On 21 March, made public, to its clients, the results of the tests carried out on two batches of “Dymatize Elite Whey 5 lbs of rich chocolate flavor” and “Dymatize ISO 100 £ 5 smooth banana flavor “, corresponding to lot numbers 1550016 and 1563991

At the same time, MiGimnasio appealed to their customers to only resend products with the listed batch numbers, in the conviction that these batches would be , in principle, the only ones affected by the discrepancy between what is stated on the label by the manufacturer and the results received from the laboratory analyzes, the details of which can be viewed and downloaded at these two links:

However, in the development of the Quality Control Policy of, additional analyzes have been made of other batches and flavors of the Dymatize products ISO100 and Elite Whey referred  above, and the results obtained thereof show the need to extend the recall of products. The new batches analyzed are:

  • ISO 100: 1068216 (Smooth Banana); 1221106 (Gourmet Vanilla)
  • Elite Whey: 1131207 (Smooth Banana); 1090214 (Chocolate Mint)

Indeed, the results of these analyzes, commissioned by three independent certified laboratories, are conclusive and leave no doubt that the contents of  these goods differ materially from what is indicated on the label. As in the other batches and flavors analyzed up to now results are clear: There is a significant protein deficit  and a significant excess in carbohydrates.

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