Strive For Balance !!!

Strive For Balance
By Team iForce Nutrition


It seems completely appropriate to write an article about rest and recovery after coming off a month of resting myself. Granted, it wasn’t all by choice, I had knee surgery two weeks ago. But I took the opportunity to rest my body and brain. Bodybuilding incorporates all parts of your life. You constantly think about your meals, training, supplements, scheduling and timing of everything. The month I took off was to keep my brain from becoming burnt out. When you think 24/7 about how to get better, stronger, and tighter and beat your body up 5 or 6 days a week, I’ve found taking a little personal time off can only help you.

Now that I’m back in the gym, I split my training into 6 days. I’ve found this split works best to prevent over-training.

Day 1: Back    |    Day 2: Legs    |    Day 3: Chest  Day 4: Shoulders    |    Day 5: Arms    |    Day 6: Calves & Abs

Since I’m not preparing for a show at this time, I have a little flexibility in my schedule. If I need a day off, I take it. I listen, or rather feel my body. This 6 day split has taken up to 10 days to complete, because I took 4 days off in the middle.  I also have 5 tricks to keep from getting too sore or achy.

•To improve and keep flexibility, good posture and maintain healthy muscles: Engage in myofascia release, or “foam rolling.” I do it daily! You can “roll” your whole body! It’s like a massage therapist in a roller. To follow up my rolling, I always stretch pre and post workout. Research it, or email me and I’ll help you through it, give you tips and hints. ( •Maximize Intense™ Pre Workout Drink. The amino acids and other magical stuff in there help to stave off delayed muscle soreness and give me the extra kick to train hard. •Glutamine! Take 5-10g pre and post cardio and training. Not only is it a great recovery amino acid, but it aids in digestion as well. •Don’t be afraid to rest!! I take naps throughout the day if at all possible! Here’s a little fact: The most efficient way to burn fat calories is at rest. So not only is sleep important for growth and muscle recovery, but fat loss too. •Yoga and Pilates. I need balance in my life. As much as I love training hard and heavy, it does take its toll on my body. I do yoga or pilates a few times a week to maintain core strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

The bottom line when it comes to making gains in the gym, injury prevention and reaching your goals, you have to be smart. Grinding out heavy workouts everyday won’t necessarily get you anywhere. Even if you’re motivated and ready to train, feel your body! Be smart about how you use it. Don’t be afraid to rest, use recovery supplements and strive for balance in your life!

We need amino acids to recover faster. That is why I love COMPETE™! It’s full of not only BCAAs but also EAAs. It’s the most complete product to give your muscles everything they need to recover.