BSN® Supports the Troops in Afghanistan!

Last December BSN® was contacted by servicemen stationed at Camp Blackhorse in Afghanistan to let us know how popular BSN® products are with the soldiers at this post. It’s always great to hear firsthand reports of success from our customers and fans around the world, and BSN® is particularly proud of the strong reputation the company has earned among the men and women of the armed forces. As a show of support and to thank them for all that they do to protect us every day, BSN® decided to send the troops at Camp Blackhorse an early Christmas present.

The soldiers received a shipment of 17 boxes worth of BSN® supplements and apparel, ranging from established favorites like N.O.-XPLODE™ 2.0 and SYNTHA-6™ to new releases such as AMINO X™ and HYPER FX™. BSN® is honored to be able to help the troops continue to perform at the highest levels, and many of the soldiers in this unit have already reported significant progress and gains in the gym.

As a show of gratitude, the command at Camp Blackhorse has been flying the US flag in honor of BSN®. We at BSN® are humbled by this gesture and thrilled to be able to support the soldiers in their mission in some small way. Thank you to all the US armed forces all around the world for the work you do to keep our country safe.