NEW MuscleTech Performance Series!

Introducing the NEW MuscleTech Performance Series!

You want seriously effective supplements that contain clinical doses. That are tested in human trials and that don’t hide behind confusing proprietary blends. You want the truth and MuscleTech has heard you!

Coming this summer 2012, MuscleTech will launch its new line of Performance Series Products. The new line will significantly improve MuscleTech’s Packaging Evolution, Brand Identity, and Product Innovation.

Packaging Evolution:

Creating a more uniform packaging design across the line will create more consistency for MuscleTech and allow consumers to better identify their products.
• There is more focus on the most trusted element by consumers – the MuscleTech logo
• Product name is more visible – no clutter
• Formula drivers are disclosed on the front panel
• East to read and understand claims
• Simplified but still noticeable flavor callout

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